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Rotary International President Shekhar Mehta's Urgent Visit to Warsaw Highlights Humanitarian Crisis and Solidarity Amidst Ukrainian Conflict

In a swift response to the escalating humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, Shekhar Mehta, the President of Rotary International, made an extraordinary one-day visit to Warsaw. This visit came upon the direct request of the Rotary International authorities and was facilitated by the Rotary Club of Warsaw, under the leadership of Piotr D. Kaczorowski.

Remarkably, the entire meeting was orchestrated in just three days, showcasing the urgency and commitment of all parties involved. The visit featured a breakfast banquet attended by over 50 individuals, including special guests and key stakeholders. Representing the city's administration were Warsaw's Mayor, Michał Olszewski, and Tomasz Pactwa, the Director of Social Affairs. Adding to the significance of the gathering was the presence of His Excellency Andrij Deszczycia, the Ukrainian Ambassador to Poland.

Following the banquet, which took place at the Raffles Europejski Warsaw Hotel - a historic meeting point for Poland's oldest Rotary Club, a brief press conference was held. The primary objective of this visit was for the Rotary International leadership to gain firsthand insight into the actual humanitarian situation caused by the Russia-induced war in Ukraine.

President Shekhar Mehta, accompanied by his wife and members of the Rotary Club of Warsaw, was given a tour by the city officials. They visited various locations prepared by the city to accommodate the influx of refugees from Ukraine. This hands-on experience provided a deeper understanding of the ground realities and the challenges faced by the refugees and the city.

An additional aim of the visit was to bolster support for Rotarians in Poland. This included drafting an aid plan and a financial blueprint for the Disaster Recovery Fund. Furthermore, there was a focus on promoting the values and mission of Rotary in Poland, emphasizing its role in addressing global crises.

The meeting with President Mehta also saw participation from representatives of the Rotary District 2231 leadership. Gubernator Elect Piotr Jankowski and Past Gubernator Małgorzata Wojtas were in attendance, further underscoring the importance of this visit.

This emergency visit by the Rotary International President to Warsaw not only highlighted the dire situation in Ukraine but also showcased the unwavering commitment of the global Rotary community. Their collective efforts aim to alleviate the suffering of those affected and to bring about positive change in these challenging times.