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Rotary Club of Warsaw Adopts New Constitution, First Change in 17 Years

On December 8, 2021, a significant shift occurred within the Rotary Club of Warsaw as the old constitution was repealed and a new one adopted. This monumental change marked the first amendment to the constitution in 17 years, reflecting the evolving needs and challenges faced by the club.

The new constitution was meticulously crafted by the club's president, Piotr D. Kaczorowski. His hands-on approach ensured that the revised document was both comprehensive and in tune with the current times. One of the standout features of the new constitution is the introduction of a special honorary membership for presidents of other Warsaw-based Rotary clubs. This move signifies the club's commitment to fostering stronger ties within the Rotary community in the city.

Furthermore, the updated constitution incorporates recent legal changes related to Associations, Public Benefit Organizations, and the relationship with Rotary International. It also addresses the local structures of Rotary International districts. In a nod to the digital age and the challenges posed by the pandemic, the constitution has provisions for electronic meetings and voting. It also outlines the club's operational guidelines during pandemics or epidemiological threats, ensuring that the club remains functional and effective even in the face of global crises.

Recognizing the significance and relevance of these updates, other Rotary clubs within District 2231 expressed keen interest in the new constitution. In a gesture of solidarity and collaboration, on February 17, 2022, coinciding with the birthday of the Rotary Club of Warsaw, the club decided to share the editable version of the constitution with all clubs in the district on an open-source basis.

This move underscores the Rotary Club of Warsaw's commitment to transparency, collaboration, and adaptability. By sharing their updated constitution, they not only provide a valuable resource to other clubs but also foster a spirit of unity and mutual growth within the Rotary community.

The adoption of the new constitution and its subsequent sharing with other clubs is a testament to the Rotary Club of Warsaw's forward-thinking approach. It showcases their dedication to staying updated, fostering inter-club relationships, and ensuring that they remain equipped to navigate the challenges of the modern world. As the club moves forward under this new constitution, it sets a precedent for adaptability, collaboration, and resilience within the broader Rotary community.