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Rotary Club of Warsaw Collaborates with City's Employment Office to Aid Ukrainian Workers

WARSAW - Marking a pivotal moment at the close of the Rotary year 2021-2022, the Rotary Club of Warsaw and the employment office of the city of Warsaw embarked on a collaborative journey. This partnership, meticulously crafted to bolster employment opportunities for Ukrainian individuals, has not only been initiated but also renewed multiple times throughout the Rotary year 2022-2023. The repeated extensions of this agreement stand as a testament to its overwhelming success and the unwavering commitment of both entities involved.

Thanks to this joint initiative, a remarkable number of over 700 Ukrainian individuals have been provided with comprehensive medical examinations. These examinations, crucial for ensuring the health and safety of workers, have subsequently enabled these individuals to integrate into the local workforce, particularly in grocery stores across Warsaw. Beyond offering employment opportunities to the Ukrainian community, this initiative plays a pivotal role in addressing and fulfilling the staffing needs of local businesses, ensuring they continue to thrive and serve the community.

The formalization of this partnership took place in a setting that celebrated camaraderie and mutual respect. The agreement was officially inked during a Rotary Club Fellowship meeting, an event that fosters unity and shared purpose among its members. On the side of the employment office, the agreement bore the signature of its dedicated director, Monika Fedorczuk. Representing the ideals and commitment of the Rotary Club of Warsaw was its esteemed President, Piotr D. Kaczorowski.

This collaboration between the Rotary Club of Warsaw and the city's employment office underscores the club's deep-rooted dedication to community service. Moreover, it highlights the club's vision of fostering international cooperation, building bridges between communities, and ensuring that everyone, regardless of their origin, has an opportunity to contribute positively to the city of Warsaw.