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Rotary International's CEO Visits Warsaw Clubs Amidst a Wave of Enthusiasm

WARSAW, June 2023 - In a significant event marking the close of the Rotary year in both Poland and Ukraine, Mr. John Hewko, the esteemed General Secretary and CEO of Rotary International, made a notable visit to the region. On the 15th of June, the Rotary Club of Warsaw, renowned as the oldest club in Poland, had the distinct honor of hosting this influential figure.

The meeting, held at the club's traditional venue, was not just a regular gathering. It was graced by the presence of key District authorities, including Governor Piotr Jankowski and the soon-to-be Governor, Marek Wcisło. The event drew a diverse crowd, with members from various Warsaw clubs and guests from across the entire District joining in. A reminiscent moment for many was the recollection of the previous year when the Rotary Club of Warsaw had the privilege of hosting another distinguished guest, the President of Rotary International, Shekhar Mehta, accompanied by his wife.

In a move showcasing the club's growth and commitment to its mission, the Rotary Club of Warsaw proudly inducted two new members during this gathering. Mateusz Stoma and Paweł Choromański, the newest additions to the club, were warmly welcomed into the Rotary family. Mateusz's father, Albert Stoma, was a member of the Rotary Club of Warsaw. He initiated the Rotary long-term youth exchange program. Sadly, in 2020, our colleague Albert passed away. He was a distinguished member of the club and a past president.

But the event wasn't just about formalities and introductions. In a charitable gesture that encapsulates the spirit of Rotary, a bottle of champagne was auctioned, fetching a commendable 800 PLN (approximately 180 EUR). The gathered amount is earmarked for a noble cause, with plans to donate it to the Rotary Foundation, furthering the organization's global initiatives.

This visit by Mr. Hewko, combined with the club's activities, underscores the enduring spirit and commitment of the Rotary community in Poland. As the Rotary year comes to a close, such events serve as a reminder of the organization's unwavering dedication to service and community betterment.